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Welcome! My name is Launa and this is my village.

I play the role of Birth Doula, Early Pregnancy and Childbirth Educator, Reproductive & Holistic Health Mentor, Shame Warrior, Community Builder and Mother of a free-spirited and compassionate child.

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The Mission of Village Born

My desire is to help us all remember the importance of community as we grow our families.  No matter where you give birth, with my support you will embark on this journey receiving cutting edge information, unconditional support, and a deep understanding of Child and of Self.

I have learned that leading a balanced and HAPPY life comes from understanding fully the impact of food, environment and relationships on a person’s emotional and physical wellness.

To be both physically well and emotionally at ease, one must pay attention to and strive to create the environment in which they as an individual can not only survive but thrive.

I’m here to help you blossom into the most amazing and beautiful you that is possible…. as simply as possible.

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How To WIN At Parenting Your Growing Girls

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